Rules for Equipping your Character


This section outlines the trickiest part of me organising your characters – figuring out how to manage you guys selecting your magic items!

This adventure isn’t a min-max adventure so you don’t HAVE to make your guy the PC version of turn-based Armageddon. Taking a magic item that gives you skill bonuses isn’t going to make you shit because you didn’t combat optimise. I have no qualms what you do, whatever you want to play for a game. More information on how I’m running this game can be found in Additional Information about the Adventure.

Magic Items to be Allocated in ‘Sets’

I am giving you free reign to choose what magic items you want within certain parameters. I have divided up the amount of magic items (above an item level of 8) the party should have by lvl 13 and created 5 ‘sets’ which are to be randomly given out. The ‘set’ builds are listed further below. Players can then select a number of magic items of the levels specified in the set. Players can choose to select magic items of a level BELOW the level specified in the ‘set’ but any monetary difference is lost.

No ‘sacrifices’ can be made to allow for fewer magic items of a higher level, or to have more magic items of a lower level. I don’t want to fight PC’s with single uber-weapons or with millions of magic items.

  • Build 1 – Lvl 16, Lvl 12, lvl 10, Lvl 10, Lvl 9, Lvl 8
    • GP worth – 74,600
    • Total item levels – 65
    • Note: ONLY build with a Lvl 16 item (+4 item!!!)
  • Build 2 – Lvl 15, Lvl 13, Lvl 12, Lvl 11, Lvl 9, Lvl 8
    • GP worth – 71,600
    • Total item levels – 68
  • Build 3 – Lvl 15, Lvl 13, Lvl 11, Lvl 11, Lvl 10, Lvl 10
    • GP worth – 70,000
    • Total item levels – 70
  • Build 4 – Lvl 14, Lvl 14, Lvl 13, Lvl 11, Lvl 9, Lvl 8
    • GP worth – 75,600
    • Total item levels – 69
  • Build 5 – Lvl 14, Lvl 13, Lvl 12, Lvl 12, Lvl 9, Lvl 8
    • GP worth – 71,600
    • Total item levels – 68

Build 1 can be selected by a Player

Build 1 contains a Lvl 16 item – this allows a vanilla +4 item in most cases. This could be good or boring to some people so instead of forcing someone to take it through a lucky dip I am happy for someone to volunteer to take it. The rest will be divided randomly.

The Party Kitty – 75,000gp

The ‘sets’ only provide 6 magic items which is not enough to completely equip all the slots on your character.

There is a party kitty of 75,000gp. This can be used however the party wishes. They can divide it evenly, so 15,000gp each. This would purchase a Lvl 12 item and a Lvl 6 item OR 3 Lvl 10 items for instance. Alternatively, the party can organise for some people to take more (up to a maximum of 25,000gp each) – this allows the purchasing of a lvl 15 item, or whatever mix. So basically there is only one +4 item in the party. This should also allow you to fill any ‘gaps’ you see in your ‘set’ build, either getting a lot of lower level items to fill your slots or taking another paragon level item or two to have more sweet high level items.

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Rules for Equipping your Character

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