Additional Information about the Adventure

General Notes on Encounters

So like I said its not a min-max adventure. I’m gonna be using the creatures as is from the Monster Manuals, no boosting or tweaking. Only change is that those who drop treasure will be using those items against you, and that some may be described differently (al la fire wolf/winter wolf).

Encounters will range between the normal ranges of difficulty, from easy to hard, but nothing that is ‘you can’t win unless you’re freaking awesome’. I hope to play the monsters well, I’ve chosen them for their abilities and matched them with guys who can benefit from them. Most of the encounters are based around specific tactics the monsters will use too, and if you are bloodied and hurting you may find the monsters target you more, even taking Attacks of Op to get at you to finish you off. They know how to focus fire too y’know, but within reason – they’ll give up chasing someone if they’re getting pummeled by someone else.

I have nothing against you extended resting if you can find a suitable place or purchase items such as the Exodus Knife. Suitable places do exist in the adventure, I will not mention where these are when you come across them however.

General Notes on Skill Challenges (note: plural…)

Skill Challenges have been set up erring towards higher DC’s. This is because many different skills will be useful in the challenges that have been constructed – there is no reason why most people shouldn’t be able to find a way they can contribute with a trained skill. A particular point has been made in constructing the skill challenges to include skills that would appear to be unrelated. The approach to higher DC’s also encourages the selection of skill based magic items.

Both skill challenges reward lateral thinking, the use of ‘unrelated’ skills opening up options which are far better than the obvious solutions. For instance, one of the skill challenges uses four primary skills, with a number of secondary skills. However, upon the use of a particular seemingly unrelated secondary skill, a fifth primary skill is unlocked which has only a moderate DC to achieve and counts as two successes, and can be used twice (a total of 4 successes).

Things You Should Know Before Making Your Character!

To help you make your character and not end up with obsolete or useless choices I am giving you a few clues about the nature of what you will be facing. This is so you can have some fun with items that are good against particular kinds of creatures and you can buy some resist items with some surety they will come in handy. This is far from an exhaustive list however! These are just a few and you can bet I have revealed none (or very little) of anything you face in the final fight with the Emerald Queen! So you can take a punt at some of the other things you’ll face if you want – feel free!

Skills Not Used

Streetwise History

Currently these skills are not used specifically in ANY skill challenge or skill check. History may come in useful if you want to ask me about the Emerald Queen and what you know, but there is nothing in the adventure per se that requires it. Streetwise you almost certainly will not use.

Some monster subtypes…

  • Immortal (devil)
  • Giants
  • Undead
  • Shapechanger
  • Elemental

Some damage types…

  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Necrotic
  • Psychic

Some conditions you will face…

  • Blinded
  • Restrained
  • Areas of Darkness
  • Weakened
  • Prevented from using healing surges

Other stuff to note

You will fight minions. You will fight multiple elites in an encounter. You will fight creatures with Action Points. You will not fight Solos. There are traps.

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Additional Information about the Adventure

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