Cassi Dawnbreaker

Morninglord of Amaunator, Knight of Celestia


Name: Cassi

Level/Class: Lvl 13 Paladin

Paragon Path: Knight of Celestia

Race/Size: Half-Elf – Medium Humanoid

Gender/Age/Height/Weight: Female, 24 years, 5’ 7’’, 52 kg

Alignment: Lawful Good

Languages: Common, Elf, Primordial

Speed: 5 squares (with armour)

Vision: Low-light


  • Strength: 12
  • Constitution: 16
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Intelligence: 11
  • Wisdom: 16
  • Charisma: 21
  • Initiative: +8
  • Hit points: 113
  • Bloodied: 56
  • Healing Surge: 28
  • Healing Surges: 14


  • Armour Class: 31
  • Fortitude: 24
  • Reflex: 25
  • Will: 27
  • Attack bonuses
  • Melee basic (Ardent/Virtuous Strike) – Bradaman’s Longsword +17
  • Dmg – 1d8+8


  • 2 At Will Powers: Ardent Strike; Virtuous Strike
  • 5 Encounter Powers: Castigating Strike; Call to Arms; Divine Reverence; Celestia’s Challenge; Burning Spray
  • 3 Daily Attack Power: Majestic Halo; Hallowed Circle; Ray of Reprisal
  • 4 Utility Powers: Divine Counter (enc.); Shield the Virtuous (daily); Call of Challenge (enc); Brilliant Guardians (daily)


  • 2 At Will Powers: Divine Challenge; Lay on Hands
  • 3 Encounter Powers: Channel Divinity (Divine Mettle/Divine Strength); Burning Spray
(Dilletante); Second Wind

Divine Challenge; Lay of Hands (3/day); Aura of Menace; Blessing of the Gods


  • Dilettante; Dual Heritage; Group Diplomacy
  • Skill Bonuses: +2 Insight; +2 Diplomacy


  • Religion: +11
  • Diplomacy: +21
  • Endurance: +12
  • Insight: +18

Passive Insight: 28 Passive Perception: 19


  • 1st Level: Power of the Sun
  • 2nd Level: Toughness
  • 4th Level: Group Defense
  • 6th Level: Devoted Paladin
  • 8th Level: Contagious Challenge (retrained at lvl 12)
  • 10th Level: Honored Foe (retrained at lvl 11)
  • 11th Level: Paragon Defenses
  • 12th Level: Uncanny Dodge


  • Bradaman’s Longsword +3 [lvl 13]
  • Mirrored Plate – Gith Plate Armour +3 [lvl 13]
  • Phylactery of Action (heroic) [lvl 3]
  • Helm of Able Defense [lvl 14]
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve +3 [lvl 12]
  • Belt of Endurance (heroic) [lvl 6]
  • Heavy Jousting Shield (heroic) [lvl 2]
  • Heavy Floating Shield (heroic) [lvl 1]
  • Holy Gauntlets (heroic) [lvl 8]
  • Boots of the Dryad (heroic) [lvl 5]
  • Pouch of Frozen Passage (heroic) [lvl 9]
  • Pelor’s Blessing (heroic) [lvl 3]
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Sacred Incense x4
  • Footpads

Arms of Unbreakable Honor

  • 2 Piece Benefit: +2 item bonus to speed when charging


  • 5,966 gp


As the sun’s rays shine upon the world, this virtuous maiden wields heaven’s power to bring warmth and justice to banish the shadows.

At least that’s what the propaganda spouts, as the Sunshrines of Amauntator herald the coming of their latest champion. The clergy would have the wicked believe they have loosed an angel of death upon them, to burn all heretics in cleansing fire and restore civilisation and justice to the far corners of the world.

Cassi would like to believe it too, for she’s a little bit of a ditz. Full of naiive optimism, she is shrewd enough to at least realise that just because everyone CAN be saved, doesn’t mean everyone SHOULD be.

Growing up in the Sunshrine chantries has blessed her with piety, virtue and a disciplined control of the radiant powers of the Sunlord. However, like the dogma of the Timekeeper, she grew to find comfort in predictability and is particularly cliquey.

Like the Head Cheerleader who is the pastor’s daughter, she knows what it means to have good intentions, be pure of heart and show compassion. And she does. Sometimes. Most of the time. Right?

Looks and lack of oblique intellegiance aside, she carries the boon of her Lord and has been a successful adventurer. Her hand has struck down evil and injustice in many places, and bards will sing her name for many years after the cleansing of Hooper’s Crossing.

Months ago, the town of Hooper’s Crossing was enveloped in a magic conjured from the Shadowfell. No sunlight pierced it’s veil, and no human souls that lived nearby where seen exiting the town for weeks. Soon, adventurers came to answer the call of coin and the power of the magic that must be controlling the shroud, but all were engulfed by the shadows.

Cassi sought leave from the Sunshrine of Leblon to strike out at this darkness, travelling with her Brother in Prayer, the Sunspeaker Sioo-doh-barghd. Casting themselves into the murky clouds, the radiance of their faith cut a swathe through the swirling shadow magics. It soon became clear to them that the shroud was being controlled by a sinister mage, intent of enslaving the souls of those who lingered too long in the shadows. This at once turned the poor prey into undead beasts, but trapped their souls, to be fed as sacrifices to a growing army of summoned, slavering demons.

Others joined with Cassi and Sioo-doh-barghd, adventurers who had also become caught in the shroud’s veil. Together, they fought their way through the shambling beasts of shadow and hellfire, blasting a path to the necrotic maleficar. As Cassi’s blade slid through the wretch’s chest, splintering its ribcage, she called forth the power of the sun, conjuring a beacon of light that pierced the cloth of the shroud, tearing the shadows asunder.

With peace returned to Hooper’s Crossing, the victorious warriors departed. Those locals who survived the ordeal have noticed something strange about their town ever since: the sun seems to rise earlier and set later, and with a brilliance that is like a never-ending noon, even in the cool of winter.

Cassi Dawnbreaker

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